Collaboration with RWTH Aachen

Prof Dirk Heberling, Dr Adam Narbudowicz and Prof Max Ammann at RTWH Aachen
DIT’s Antenna & High Frequency Research Centre (AHFR) has a long standing and a successful collaborative partnership with the Institut für Hochfrequenztechnik (IHF) at RWTH Aachen University which is ranked 145 in the QS World’s Top Universities.
This partnership was developed to a new level in January 2016 where Prof Max Ammann and Prof Dirk Heberling, Head of the IHF, oversaw joint discussions on closer collaboration across a range of project areas, which will benefit both institutions. The agreement secures access to the advanced measurement facilities at RWTH by AHFR. This includes a unique [external]compact antenna anechoic chamber, capable of standard far-field antenna measurement (2 - 75 GHz) but also near-field measurements from (800 MHz - 12 GHz) and radar cross-section measurements. The chamber (in the far-field configuration) has a quiet zone of 1.2 m diameter, with amplitude variation below 0.4 dB. Since such measurement facilities and corresponding expertise are not available at any Irish university, this strategic collaboration helps to position AHFR and DIT among leading researchers in antenna and microwave engineering research in Ireland.
The collaboration builds on an ongoing joint research project, funded by the [external]Irish Research Council with support from Marie Curie Actions. Dr. Adam Narbudowicz is currently involved in a two-year secondment at RWTH Aachen, where he is developing circularly polarized and pattern reconfigurable antennas for future telecommunication systems. The work has also seen PhD students from RWTH Aachen attend courses provided in DIT as part of the Telecommunications Graduate Initiative (TGI).