Adaptive OFDM for Wireless Interconnect in Confined Enclosures

TitleAdaptive OFDM for Wireless Interconnect in Confined Enclosures
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsSipal, V, Gelabert, J, Stevens, CJ, Allen, B, Edwards, DJ
Journal TitleIEEE Wireless Communications Letters
Pagination507 - 510
Journal Date10/2013

This letter considers and recommends OFDM with adaptive subcarrier modulation as a suitable candidate for wireless UWB communication in computer chassis. A rigorous measurement campaign studies the guaranteed spectral efficiency. It concludes that enhancement of the existing WiMedia OFDM systems with a bandwidth of 528 MHz in order to support adaptive OFDM would enable data-rates above 1 Gbps over short ranges, i.e. the spectral efficiency would be doubled. Moreover, the guaranteed spectral efficiency is shown to increase with bandwidth, i.e. the guaranteed data-rate increases better than linearly with bandwidth.


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