Radial EBG Cell Layout for GPS Patch Antennas

TitleRadial EBG Cell Layout for GPS Patch Antennas
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsRuvio, G, Ammann, MJ, Bao, XL
Journal TitleElectronics Letters
Journal Date06/2009

A novel radial layout for mushroom-like electromagnetic-bandgap (EBG) cells surrounding a printed circularly-polarised patch antenna is proposed. Two radial EBG configurations surrounding a circular patch are compared to a reference patch on a conventional ground plane of the same dimension. The radial shape and displacement of the EBG cells around the patch offers improvements in terms of gain and axial-ratio compared to the reference antenna and is more suitable for circular geometries compared to conventional Cartesian layouts. In particular, the distance between the patch and the surrounding EBG cells is independent of the cell period, which can be arbitrarily chosen, and the overall layout offers footprint reduction.

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