Small Patch/Slot Antenna with 53% Input Impedance Bandwidth

TitleSmall Patch/Slot Antenna with 53% Input Impedance Bandwidth
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsBao, XL, Ammann, MJ
Journal TitleElectronics Letters
Journal Date02/2007
ISSN Number0013-5194

A small microstrip patch=slot antenna, which achieves a very large bandwidth on a relatively thin substrate (about 0.01l0), is presented. The performance is achieved by employing a combination of annularring loading on the patch radiator and the use of a crossed-slot for miniaturisation. An additional ring-slot in the ground plane is used to produce the wideband characteristics of the antenna. Simulated and measured results indicate that a 53% fractional impedance bandwidth is achieved with respect to the centre frequency of 1.409 GHz and the size of the antenna is reduced by 50% compared to the conventional circular patch antenna with respect to a given frequency.

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