Planar Antennas

TitlePlanar Antennas
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsZ. N. Chen, M. J. Ammann, X. Qing, X. H. Wu, T. S. P. See, and A. Cai
Journal TitleIEEE Microwave Magazine
Journal Date12/2006

This article reviews the state of the art in broadband antennas for emerging UWB applications and addresses the important issues of the broadband antenna design for UWB applications. First, a variety of planar monopoles with finite ground planes are reviewed. Next, the roll antennas with enhanced radiation performance are outlined. After that, the planar antennas printed on PCBs are described. A directional antipodal Vivaldi antenna is also presented for UWB applications. Last, a UWB antenna for wearable applications is exemplified