Study of mm-Wave Microstrip Patch Array on Curved Substrate

TitleStudy of mm-Wave Microstrip Patch Array on Curved Substrate
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsAhmed, Z, Yang, K, McEvoy, P, Ammann, MJ
Conference NameLAPC - Loughborough Antennas & Propagation Conference
Conference Start Date13/11/2017
Conference LocationLoughborough, UK

A millimetre wave rectangular microstrip patch antenna array for fifth generation communications (5G) applications is presented. With the increase in demand for high data rates and capacity, there is a need to include mm-Wave frequencies for 5G. The 4×2 patch array is simulated and fabricated on a Rogers RT/Duroid 5880 substrate with a thickness of 0.25 mm. The effects of bending the substrate on the antenna performance are also presented. The experimental results show a fractional bandwidth and gain of more than 3% and 16.1 dBi, respectively.