SFI Supports DIT Antenna Research

Dr Max Ammann, DIT; Mr Conor Lenihan, TD, Minister for Science, Technology, Innovation and Natural Resources; Dr Xiulong Bao, DIT; Prof Frank Gannon, Director General of Science Foundation Ireland; Dr Tony Betts, DIT
Dr Xiulong Bao of the Antenna & High Frequency Research Centre is one of the fifteen inaugural recipients of Science Foundation Ireland’s Starting Investigator Research Grant (SIRG).

Dr Xiulong Bao has been working with Dr Max Ammann on novel techniques to enhance the bandwidth of circularly polarised antennas. His solutions are paving the way for smaller integrated packaging of multiple radio devices. Preliminary results indicate that Dr Bao’s novel methods will support the bandwidth necessary for improved wireless multimedia links.

Announcing the awards, Minister of State for Science Conor Lenihan recognised SFI’s strategic role in developing new academic foundations for the Smart Economy. “These 15 outstanding individuals are among the brightest working in Irish laboratories today, and SIRG provides them with the necessary support to enable the transition from team member to independent and accomplished innovators in their respective fields. It will also allow them recruit 15 postgraduate students”.

The group were selected from over 100 applicants from across the Universities and Technology Institutes. The awardees work in diverse areas such as renewable energy, cancer research, genetics and telecommunications. Professor Frank Gannon, the Director General of SFI, highlighted the relevance of each of the subject areas to solving real and imminent challenges facing society and the economy.

Congratulating him, Professor Ellen Hazelkorn, Director of Research & Enterprise at DIT, commented that “Dr Bao’s research is building upon DIT’s reputation for solving technological challenges through applied research. His patents have become the basis of international industrial collaboration and are helping to sustain innovation in the Irish telecommunications sector.”

Dr Bao joined the DIT’s Antenna & High Frequency Research Centre (AHFR) in 2005 from The Southest University in China. His post-doctoral researcher post was supported by SFI’s acclaimed (external)Centre for Telecommunications Value-Chain Research – a multi-institutional Irish research network on communications engineering. He will continue his research within the AHFR with Dr Ammann as his mentor and he will employ a PhD student as part of the €484,450 research programme.