DIT PhD researcher accepts invitation to study 'Cancer Therapy Hyperthermia Applicators' in Singapore

Zhi Ning Chen and Sergio Curto at I2R
Mr Sergio Curto, a PhD student from the Antenna & High Frequency Research Group at the School of Electronic and Communications Engineering has been invited to visit the laboratories at the Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), Singapore to complete specialist measurements on a novel cancer therapy applicator that he is researching. The deployment of temperature raising radiowaves in tumour regions of the body, as an adjunctive therapy, requires an antenna that will operate efficiently when in close proximity to human tissue. The I2R have a shared interest in these antenna applicators and have extensive experience in the measurement of SAR, the parameter that defines the rate of radiowave energy absorbed into the human body. Their measurement equipment, known as a Dosimetric Assessment System, employs fluids with the equivalent electrical properties of human tissue to estimate the exposed energy pattern due to a nearby radiator.

The two institutes are following on successful collaboration between Dr Max Ammann, DIT’s School of Electronic & Communications Engineering and Professor Zhi Ning Chen, the [external]Institute for Infocomm Research I2R, Singapore. During a three month period it is hoped that an exchange of ideas will improve the understanding of how to optimise such devices. It is a complementary approach to research that has resulted in lowered emission exposure to users of mobile telephones.

The Dublin Institute of Technology’s Antenna & High Frequency Research Group has particular expertise in antenna designs suited to handheld communications terminals. The small dimensions of these antennas and their susceptance to performance changes when near people has led to size reductions and efficiency enhancements in cancer therapy applicators. The modelling work will benefit from measurement experiments and validation in I2R This work is funded by the Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology under the Embark Initiative, which supports PhD studies ([external]http://www.ircset.ie).