DIT Antenna Research Expands

With continued growth in requirements for consumer electronics, the Antennas & High Frequency Research Group, within the (external)DIT School of Electronic & Communications Engineering, has capitalised on recent successes to expand their investigative portfolio.

While advancing design principles for antennas in portable communications and medical applications, the group has recruited new personnel with funding for antenna technologies in multimedia consumer electronics and renewable energy systems.

Their recent technology transfer initiative, supported by [external]Enterprise Ireland's Commercialisation Fund for proof-of-concept prototyping, is focused on high performance, low cost Ultra Wideband [external](UWB) antennas. These enabling components are fundamental to an emerging standard for multimedia wireless communication between items in modern life, such as digital cameras, high definition screens, DVD players, mobile phones and computer printers. UWB will both eliminate the need for interconnecting cables and reduce data transfer times over short distances within living spaces at home or in the office.

Strengthened to three research associates and nine research students, the group has a range of simulation and measurement tools to facilitate solutions in wireless communications design. The group's work is aligned to the Centre for Telecommunications Value-Chain Research [external](CTVR) and benefits from collaboration with other academic groups and industrial partners.

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